What Sets Us Apart

At Middle Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry, our focus is always on providing exceptionally gentle, thorough dental care to infants and toddlers, children, teens, and individuals with special needs. We believe that every visit to the dentist should be an enjoyable experience, and we know it’s essential that children have positive dental encounters when they are young, in order to learn that the dentist’s office is not a place to worry about.

Dr. Bryan Byrnside and our team love working with our young patients. They bring a lot of smiles and laughter into our office, and it’s an honor to watch them grow up. A child’s excitement and natural curiosity means he or she wants to learn how the mouth works, so we spend a lot of time teaching our patients about their teeth and how important they are. We work one-on-one with patients and their families, to educate them about the best home oral hygiene practices, and keep their teeth and gums healthy and beautiful.

Communication is always emphasized here. We want our patients and their parents to feel comfortable talking with us and asking questions. It is essential that each person we care for knows that we will always be honest with them and give them the information they need. We excel at talking with children in a manner that they easily understand.

Children are sometimes fearful about coming to the dentist. They may have heard things from friends that make them worried, or maybe it’s just being in a new environment; but whatever it is, it’s okay. We’re patient and we understand. Instead of rushing a timid patient through an exam or procedure, we work at a pace the patients are comfortable with: listening to them, talking with them, and reassuring and encouraging them.

Because ours is a relaxed and inviting dental practice, and each member of our team is so good about connecting with patients on their level, children quickly learn that this is a fun place to visit. Often we hear from parents that their children are excited when they learn they have an appointment coming up. Those kinds of stories make us smile.

Although we are a small, friendly practice, each of us is an experienced professional and we use only the latest, proven dental technologies and treatments to care for our patients. We believe in the combination of modern medicine and the old-fashioned, human touch in order to provide our patients with the best care available, which leads to the strongest outcomes in the shortest length of time.

For more information about the care offered by Dr. Byrnside and the team at Middle Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry, please contact us. We offer complimentary consultations at our Mt. Juliet, TN office, where we welcome patients from Hermitage, Old Hickory, Lebanon, and all nearby communities.

Our team can’t wait to meet your child and start him or her on the path to healthy, beautiful teeth for a lifetime of strong and amazing smiles!

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